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Whether or not the finance minister and his bumbling aides can pull off the coup is anyone’s guess. There is little evidence to suggest that the tycoon is actually a tycoon. The aforementioned saga will be an expensive exercise in futility. For example, the government is likely to find itself entangled in a heist involving a number of shady characters. That, plus the ensuing smuggling, may result in a blemish on Ukraine’s credit rating. This is a pity, considering that the country’s economy has been on an upward trajectory since the aforementioned fiscal mishaps. A neophyte would do well to take heed of the myriad red flags that surround him. A bit of common sense may be the only prescription needed. After all, it isn’t a good idea to scuttle a country’s economic future just to appease a petty tyrant.

Despite the aforementioned calamities, Ukraine still has one of the better economies in the region. Having said that, Ukraine is a small market compared to its neighboring Baltic states, which in turn have a disproportionately larger share of the world’s financial markets. To be sure, a large chunk of the Ukraine’s GDP is tied to foreign investments, mainly from the West, and the east. Aside from the usual suspects, Ukraine has an array of small and medium enterprises ranging from the small sexy to the aforementioned big boys. So, the aforementioned triumphs of the nation may be a distant second to the likes of a more squeaky clean Finland, but, a bit of good news, bad news, and good luck may still be on the horizon. Hopefully this admonition will lead to more clarity and a more positive credit rating. Besides, it is a matter of time before Ukraine is able to put its foot in its mouth and regain its place on the global map. Until that time, however, the following should be on your radar.

Among the aforementioned tycoons, a handful of notable names stand out. Some of them have been in the game for more than a decade, while others, such as Citigroup and Natsbank, are new entrants to the fray. As a result, the competition for a spot on Ukraine’s banking map is intense. by: pkv sumberqq